25 08, 2020

Foyers – Express Yourself!


What is a foyer? It originates from a French word that refers to the grand entrance way of perhaps a theatre or hotel. Other words used are lobby and vestibule.   As Collins English Dictionary says, “The foyer is the large area where people meet or wait just [...]

Foyers – Express Yourself!2020-12-22T09:37:19-06:00
7 06, 2020

10 Things I love about Jeffersonville!


It is such an exciting time for Jeffersonville, and I am proud to live and work here.  Often we overlook all the great things happening right in our back yard, so I want to share with you (in no particular order) the top 10 reasons I [...]

10 Things I love about Jeffersonville!2020-12-22T09:37:19-06:00
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