What is a foyer?

It originates from a French word that refers to the grand entrance way of perhaps a theatre or hotel. Other words used are lobby and vestibule.   As Collins English Dictionary says, “The foyer is the large area where people meet or wait just inside the main doors.”

For my purpose in this article, I will define a foyer as an entryway to your home.  If you have a home with an attached garage, you probably don’t enter through your front door. We could define this as the place you welcome guests into your home.

Having a foyer is a complete asset for any homeowner! It’s the extra space once you enter a house and if you happen to have one, can serve whatever purpose you have in mind – so EXPRESS YOURSELF!

In most homes, this welcoming area has a long table with some accents and some art.  It can be used as an area for shoes and coat storage.  This area can also be utilized as a library by placing floor to ceiling shelves or built-ins.  For a statement you can paint the ceiling a dark slate like the one pictured.

In a former home, I had a large, lighted curio cabinet that served as my family heritage museum. I displayed photos, vases, books, postcards, letters – even a bracelet from my grandmother.  I loved embellishing it for the holidays.  A foyer is a wonderful place to be creative and not nearly as intimidating as redecorating a whole room.

Now my life is much simpler, and I don’t have a true foyer.  If you also do not have an actual foyer, you can still use a small space to say welcome! Creativity is more important than size, so again, express yourself and enjoy!

foyer karen gibson real estate
foyer karen gibson real estate