There are many ways you can invest in home improvements, but which ones pay off when you go to sell?

Ask all the experts and they will all tell you – kitchens and bathrooms are the two areas that give you best return on investment (ROI).  Today, however, I am addressing first impression and curb appeal!

Entry way doors and garage doors!

I must admit since visiting Charleston, South Carolina, several years ago I became obsessed with the architecture and attention to entry ways.  Madison, Indiana also has many homes with doors to die for.  I have been to Madison many times but on my last trip my obsession took over.

I was polite, but about every few homes I said, “Honey can you please stop…again?”
“Just one more!”  “This is the last one I promise.”
“OMG – gotta get this one!”

front doors curb appealMy driver (AKA Jamie) is a patient man – that is for sure!! It wasn’t planned but I did photograph a lot of doors that day and had fun doing so.  Here are a few and you can click the image to make it larger!

A new front door, lights, welcome mat and a few planters speaks volumes when it comes to curb appeal – selling fast and selling for top dollar. But why wait for a face lift just to impress buyers?

Do it now and enjoy the way it welcomes YOU home after a long day.  Finding the right realtor (like me) is a good place to start because realtors (like me) have connections with all sorts of contractors and handymen (and women).

Not  only that – I love a bargain and will help you with a face lift that won’t break the bank!
It’s easier than you think!

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